We are passionate about:
Serving others, Life-long learning, Problem-solving, Giving back, Mentoring and Teaching,
Creating Win-Win opportunities, and last but not least:
IT (AI,VR/AR/XR/SR) and Cybersecurity!

Leadership means ... serving others more than oneself.

Over decades we have had the privilege to care for others in need, serving our patients while working alongside our entrusted smart and curious learners. In doing so we have received so much in return. We are enthusiastic teachers and the more we teach the more we learn and grow. As IT geeks we have grown up with Commodore C64, Atari and the first school PC systems (yes, sometimes we sneaked in after hours to get some "coding time" in). We have had our fair share of Assembly, Basic, and Pascal lessons. Now we are excited to see "low-code" (just a couple of Python lines needed) or even "no-code" AI platforms emerge. These enable us to quickly develop proof-of-concept projects to decide if these concepts are worthy of the valuable time of our real computer-/data scientists to bring them up to scale. Speaking of collaboration:
We are enthusiastic about the UF-NVIDIA AI partnership that provides so many great oportunities to learn, grow and will bring AI closer to all on campus. AI literacy will be crucial for us, as well as the next generation of researchers, developers, leaders and policy makers. Having this fantastic resource on site should be a win-win for all involved! We have already attended several UF/NVIDIA seminars ("Birds-of-a-Feather" sessions, "AI for Science Bootcamp") and gained some helpful insight through discussions (e.g. data augmentation strategies that we will use for our current computer vision project).

Can't wait to learn more and then mentor others' growth in the field (win-win!).

We are proud of the first class of AITLs that completed our AI course:



A link to some of our other work (medical device cybersecurity):

Intraoperative cyberattacks: cyberthreat awareness and cyber-resilience strategies in anesthesia | SpringerLink